The China-America Vocational and Technical Education Council is proud to present its leadership committee

Zhu Lin
Executive Director

Zhu Lin is the founder of CAVTEC.

Zhu Lin began training for her career in fashion and cosmetology in China. Shortly after garduating from a vocational school in China, she moved to the US to continue her studies in those fields.

After experiencing first hand the differences between vocational and technical education in China and the United States, Zhu Lin decided that each country could benefit from an ongoing exchange of ideas, technologies, curricula and educational philosophies.

Stephen Christensen
Entrepreneurship Program

Stephen Christensen travels frequently to China to meet with officials from educational institutions throughout China.

As Director of our Entrepeneurship Development Program, Stephen Christensen leads a team of business educators, entrepreneurs and administrators who have created an Entrepreneurship training program that teaches students as well as educators in China how to develop and nurture an entrepreneurial business mindset.

Stephen Christensen currently serves as the Dean of the School of Business at Concordia University in Irvine, California. He is also an Instructor in the Business School teaching Entrepreneurship.

Because he is passionate about teaching entrepreneurship to young people and preparing the next generation of business leaders, Stephen created the Teen Entrepreneur Academy (TEA) business summer camp for high school students in 2011.

Stephen Christensen is well known an entrepreneur catalyst and educational leader who passionately trains people to start businesses utilizing best business practices. He is a certified entrepreneurship instructor.

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